How do I load the hair into the installation tool?

There is a lever that slides horizontally in the middle of the gun just to the right of where you insert the hair. Pull the metal clamp lever all the way to the right, and it will open up enough for you to load the hair in. Once the hair is in place, release the clamp lever and it will securely fasten the metal rings.


The hair keeps popping out of place after I load it into the installation tool. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure that the metal ring on each strand is pushed all the way into the holes before releasing the lever to secure the metal rings.


What do I do after I load the hair into the installation tool?

Once the hair is securely fastened and the extensions are in place, carefully remove the plastic comb from the metal ring by gently pulling out. Do not try to bend or pull it out at an angle because you risk breaking the plastic prongs that are needed to secure the extension. Once you have successfully removed the plastic comb, you will place it on the top part of the installation tool that will make contact with the bottom part of the tool containing the hair extensions. It should quickly and easily snap into place.


Some of the plastic prongs broke when I pulled the plastic comb out of the metal tube. What do I do?

We highly recommend that you order extra plastic pieces before installation. They are bound to break from time to time, especially when you are first learning to use this method. You can get 40 plastic combs for $15.


I loaded the installation tool correctly. But when I clamp down on the clients hair, the extensions don’t stay. What am I doing wrong?

When loading the hair into the installation tool, pay attention to the metal links. If you look closely, there is a small opening on one side of the metal link. This opening MUST be facing away from the tool in order to secure the hair properly. The clients hair needs to be pulled into this small opening before clamping down in order to properly secure the extensions.